Know Your Staff: Ms. Lisa


Ja'Niaya Jean Baptiste

FACE OF THE MAIN OFFICE: Helping the main office run smoothly!

Ja'Niaya Jean Baptiste, Staff Writer

Elisa Espinoza, also known informally to students as Ms. Lisa was born in Boynton Beach FL and raised in Belle Glade, Ms. Lisa said that her father had the biggest impact on her life “He taught me to be mechanically inclined.”

Ms. Lisa said that her role at Inlet “is to make sure the front office runs smoothly.”

I actually came to help someone at Inlet translate, I met Principal Lopez and had a brief discussion and here I am.”

Working at Inlet since 2018, Ms. Lisa said that the reason her job in the main office is so important is because “ I am the first person the parents, students and visitors see when they come in the front office.”

“I give them my full attention to greet them, listen and process their questions.”

Ms. Lisa stated that her current aspirations are to see her youngest son graduate from Florida Atlantic University.

Outside of school Ms. Lisa said she goes to a dance class which she wishes to assist in. She also said that she is a proud mother of 3 boys, and has started her own personal garden which she is very proud of.

If I could go back in time I would tell myself “Stop being hard on yourself and go to college,” said Ms. Lisa.

She said that “I’ve learned to step out of the box and live life to the fullest.” She feels as though every young person should live like this, and never take anything for granted.

“What makes me distinctly different besides speaking Spanish. Is my love to serve the community.”