How dirty can you be?

Judging by the dirty bathrooms, female students at Inlet Grove Community High School don’t have proper home training, no cleaning skills, and probably weren’t raised properly. It’s pathetic and sad that a simple girl cannot use the bathroom without there being feces in the toilet, used pads on groundΒ and pee on the floor.

I’ve come to the conclusion that women are disgusting behind closed doors. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to flush a toilet. But then again some of them don’t have a clue.Β You’re disgusting pigs who don’t know how to keep a restroom clean.

Being a woman, hygiene and cleanliness is important. It doesn’t matter where you are, home or not, keep things clean. Most women clean themselves, and prefer a bathroom that’s clean and usable. Nobody wants to urinate in a bathroom that smells like doo-doo or period blood. Clean, non-ignorant women wouldn’t leave their stall without flushing the toilet or properly disposing a pad.

Females, do us all a favor and research how to be clean. Maybe then the bathroom might be better to use.