Shirley Pierre: Photography champ!


C.B. Hanif

LET’S TALK: Shirley Pierre, a senior in the Journalism Academy, interviews Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Michael E. Gauger, about the training to help police officers and community members learn about how unconscious or implicit bias can affect how people see each other, and how they act.

Inlet Grove Journalism student Shirley Pierre has captured first and second place in the annual Martin Luther Jr. Coordinating Committee Photography Competition.

Shirley will be recognized during the Art Award Reception today at the Classroom Teachers Association.

A key to winning was choosing her photos that best addressed the competition theme, “Living the Dream in Love, Peace and Unity.”

Shirley’s photos accompanied some of the top stories (also written by her) at this year:

Policing the police

Trayvon Martin Foundation 5th Annual Back-to-School event

Political roast brings the heat

Shirley has been nominated for the Pathfinders Award, and her stories and photos will be entered in other competitions such as the annual High School Journalism Awards.

If you see her around campus please be sure to congratulate Shirley. Canes Rock!