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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

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12 YEARS LATER: The senior class of 2024 have reached a milestone in their life, as they reflect on all the growth, work, and achievements throughout their k-12 experience. Family, friends, and many more have gathered together to celebrate this last chapter of an era with tears of joy, and laughter.
To new beginnings
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
The uncovering
Lovely Marcelus, Photo Editor
ONE DOWN, FOUR TO GO:  Students participate in a Mental Health Week exercise hosted by Ms. Potter in Room 101 during lunch, earning one of the five Get Your Green On stamps needed to earn a raffle ticket.
Photo of the Day: Mindful Monday
Andrew Mongerard, Staff Writer
STAR OF THE NIGHT: Historian Karma McLeod (Right) honors Danjel Saint-Fleur with a Medal for graduating with his Associate of Arts (AA) degree from Palm Beach State College, at Senior Awards Night, held in the auditorium.
Photo of the Day: Awards and recognition
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
Stop motion films
Stop motion films
Keren Joseph
Keren Joseph
Photo Editor
Jeanie Auguste
Jeanie Auguste
Entertainment Editor

Appreciating Ms. Bonner

World Teacher’s Day
Stefany Francisco
BONBON: Ms. Bonner is participating in the spirit week theme “Barbie vs Ken” by wearing a pink shirt.

Oct. 5 was World Teacher’s Day, an event to appreciate and celebrate teachers who make a huge difference in students’ lives, such as:

Brittany Bonner, aka Ms. Bonner, aka Ms. Bonbon, is known to others as the teacher who gives a lot of work.

“Sleepless nights I get from doing her 40 terms note sheet,” said Samuel Englich, a Junior in the Marine Academy who is taking her US history class. “In the end, she is a cool teacher and she gives us a lot of work because she knows we can handle it.”

Ms. Bonner said she has been teaching at Inlet for six years and teaches various subjects. For example, American History, AP US History, US History Honors and Sociology.

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“She’s an amazing teacher and a fun teacher,” said Laila Weir, a 10th grader in the Pre-Architecture Academy who is also in Ms. Bonners AP US history class. “I really appreciate her because of how she helped me when I transferred in her class mid-semester.”

Ms. Bonner said she was born in February of 1999 in West Palm Beach at St. Mary’s Hospital. Her early life included two parents and a younger sister, she said. She went to university and became a first-generation graduate.

She now has an 8-year-old son, strives to become a lawyer in the future, and has her minions.

“My minions I see as my kids,” said Ms. Bonner about her students. “They keep me going and challenge thought, they are unique individuals.”

Every Thursday during lunch she opens her doors to the crochet club, where students can learn to crochet, chat, and eat with their friends. 

“She’s very sweet, she has this welcoming vibe to her,” said Yoldy Theolus, a 9th grader in the Medical Academy. “She gives me the safe space to talk to my friends and try something new.”



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  • Z

    zariah jacksonOct 23, 2023 at 1:10 pm

    this article was excellent I liked how they described Ms. Bonner as a loving teacher. but even though she is loving she still pushes her students to the limits and wants what’s best for them.

  • E

    Eika BOct 23, 2023 at 10:54 am

    Although Ms. Bonner does give a lot of work, I loved her class. She makes sure that she is doing her job and is preparing us for the feature. I scored a 4 on my EOC because of her and I thank her for that. “Keep your ducks in check!”, as Ms. Bonner would say.