What’s Cooking?


Dakota Sands

GUEST CHEF: Chef Gittasapiano, visiting the Culinary class, showed off a radish rose, swan apple and firecracker scallion.

Chocolate chip cookies!

Culinary Academy students watched a demo from our instructor Chef Tammy Newman on how to make them during our third period on Aug. 19. The third-period class is level one, so in other words we were learning the basics about the Culinary field. Since we are level one, we also were learning about sanitation and contamination.

After a bit of the basics we went into the kitchen and got a feel of what it is like to work in one, to run against the clock, and to communicate within our groups, because it is important to work as a team to get the job done – or in our case to make the cookies!

The Culinary program also had a special guest, Chef Gittasapiano from the Virginia Culinary College (about 35 minutes from Inlet Grove), on Aug. 23. She taught the freshmen how to cut scallions into fire crackers, radishes into roses, and make melon/apple swans. In short, she taught us how to turn food into art.Even though we can’t even use the knives yet, we can use the methods she taught us to impress in the future.

That all for now, but keep your taste buds ready and an eye open here for more of What’s Cooking!