What’s Cooking? Cinnamon twists


Dakota Sands

SWEET TREATS: Another good day for the freshmen Culinary class.

Chef Newman greeted her third period class by the door to the kitchen Sept. 7. She told us to get into our hats and aprons before we entered to practice sanitation.

I took an extra step to impress Chef Newman by putting on the culinary shoes she wants us to have. The shoes have to be closed-toed and non-fabric. In case a knife drops on our feet, the shoe will protect us from the knife.

We were baking “cinnamon twists.” But we needed to watch a demo of how to make them.

First we were taught how to make the dough.

Then we started to bake in our teams. We got what we needed to make the recipe, such as the measuring cups, tools and most importantly, the ingredients!

When each group was done we each put the dough on to the tray to bake.

While the twists were baking we cleaned the kitchen (since we were the last class). The dishes needed to be washed, rinsed and sanitized (in that order), then put away. Garbage needed to be thrown out. A lot of work needs to be done before we leave that kitchen for last period.

While we were cleaning up, Chef told all of us to stop and watch a demo of how to make the icing for the cinnamon twists, which was milk and powdered sugar blended together.

Finally the cinnamon twists were cooked to a golden brown, which is a good sign when you are baking.

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