Follow the money


Ma. Lourdes Reyes

FINANCIAL LITERACY CLUB: Members posing for yearbook photo

Paola Roblero, Staff Writer

This year, the Financial Literacy Club had their first virtual meeting. They had their meeting that took place on December 2, 2020 with 20 members present. 

“Financial Literacy is the ability to understand how to effectively make decisions on a financial basis so you can oversee and grow your money.” said Deborah Augustin, a senior in the medical academy, who is also the Project manager for the FLC. The Club is designed to teach students how to make decisions concerning money.

 “It has been a good and  fulfilling experience. said Ms. Reyes, a math teacher and also the club sponsor. Despite the pandemic, students attend the meetings regularly and joined the club’s first small business project.” 

 Although it is club, students don’t just learn about finances, they are involved in fundraising events to try to raise funds for club activities.

“This isn’t just a club where we sit and talk about money, we try to do certain activities to earn money.” said Kelsey Jasney, a senior in the medical academy.

Jasney also said “ Recently on April 16, 2021 we did a car wash and we raised a good amount of money. We will also be holding a supply drive that will take place on May 14th, by standing in front of Publix asking for donations so that we can purchase hygiene kits that will later be distributed to students.”

Joining the FLC club can be beneficial to anyone, especially seniors that are going on to college, knowing how to manage their money the right way can help them in the long run.

“FLC is interesting to me, but is also such a critical experience.” said Deborah Augustin, “It exposes me to important topics such as financial aid, assets, taxes, and so much more.”

FLC members meet every Wednesday at 11:15.

“Joining the FLC helps the students learn personal financial concepts that will protect them and their money from the risk that might affect their goals before it becomes a disaster!!!” said Ms. Reyes.