A touch of shine 


Sephora Charles

PARTNERSHIP: Students participate in washing teachers, students and community cars to fundraise.

Erna Delice, Co-Editor

The Financial Literacy Club and National Honor Society had a car wash on Monday, Mar 21, 2022, in the bus loop to raise funds. 

Ms. Reyes, a Geometry teacher and Sponsor of FLC and NHS said that she hopes, “the FLC leaders, know to lead a team in a small business venture.” 

Students and staff said in general it went well and students did a good job. “I think the car wash went well overall,” said Eirel Montinola, a Junior in the LPN Academy who also was the overall Business Manager of the car wash. 

Ms. Cameron, the Data Processor also said,“ I feel that the students did a good job all around,” she also continues to state, “I love offering my support to pretty much everything that this school has going on.”

“It was successful. We (the club) received a lot of support from teachers and parents,” said Kethia Sainmil, a Senior in the Pre-Architecture and Engineering Academy. 

 In total 25 students came out to participate from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. Overall the team earned about $400. 

“Although washing and vacuuming cars may sound like a chore, I could see that the students enjoyed doing it and teachers and staff appreciated it,” said Sephora Charles, a Senior in the Journalism Academy.

Eirel believes she gained a lot of experience in leadership from managing the car wash and staff also agreed. “Leading the event was another opportunity for me to gain some more experience on leadership,”  she said. 

“I feel that the students have gained so much from that experience of washing those vehicles,” said Ms. Cameron. “They have gained the knowledge of dedication, hard work, positive workmanship and the value of earning what they want.” 

Ms. Cameron also said, “Keep up those amazing skills! Continue to show leadership traits and continue to work hard in life for what you desire.”