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DOCTER LANDRON: He came back to help students with their EKG certification.

A helping hand is back

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
May 1, 2019
DANCE FIRST THINK LATER: Today is the day the grove house celebrates the importance of dancing and what it means to our dancers.

International Dance Day

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
April 29, 2019
PIZZERIA: The canes joined the 2019 Medical Symposium, serving pizza to the teachers and students on April 13. The students served 200 boxes in 1 hour. The helping canes were (from left to right): Jahnel Jones, Stracey Leo, Gabriella McDermott, Seth Wyatt,  Tia Daniel, Chef Newman, Dakota Sands, Armia Miller, Jackelyn Polle and Amari Perez.

Cheese or Pepperoni?

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
April 23, 2019
IS IT WORTH IT: This is a picture of an example of how the ASVAB testing is taken.

Why the ASVAB?

Isnayana Perez
April 23, 2019
SMILE: Class of 2020 prepare for your senior pictures,as a reminder was sent by senior class co-sponsor Mrs. Cartwright

Senior pictures ready for c/o 2020

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
April 10, 2019
CATCHING UP: Mr. Hanif, Mr. Goldstein, and Mr. Bell reunited after Mr. Bell left last school year.

Photo of the Day: Reunited

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
April 5, 2019
WE THE PEOPLE: Student show government spirit with the constitution in is hands. In Ms. Neltner government class students had a discussion about the government in periods 1&2.

National Government day

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
April 5, 2019
ALMOST THERE SENIORS: From today's date seniors have 34 more days until graduation on May 16th.

34 and counting

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
March 27, 2019
CREDIT OR DEBT? Arifa Razak, Alexandra Derasmo, Felicia Sloppy, Dale Mutchler, and Janna Chinneny visited the students to inform them on the future of credits cards.

Photo of the Day: Financial check

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
March 12, 2019
IT'S FINALLY DONE: Yorgelis Yambo, editor of the forecast magazine.

Spring edition

Isnayana Perez
March 8, 2019
DETAILS :The little things that make these unique cars show out. Many different patterns and bright colors to help the cars stand out.

The little features matter

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
March 7, 2019
WE APPRECIATE YOU: Here are the awarded canes of the months.

Canes of the Month

Isnayana Perez, Staff Writer
February 22, 2019
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