Helping students chase their goals

Goal Achievers

AMBITION : Students from the Goal Chasers Club were invited to an event on Oct.12 that was dedicated to Breast Cancer Month.

Researchers say that only eight percent of people eventually achieve their goals, according to

English teacher Ms. Cange has created her own program at Inlet Grove Community High School called the Goal Chasers to help students furthermore achieve their goals. The club meets every Monday during lunch in Room 504.

Ms. Cange said the program has been a vision of hers since 2012. She realized how much an impact the students and mentors had on her, opening up encouragement and a world of many possibilities.

“I think it was a really well thought out program,” said Denver Jean, a freshman in the Medical Academy, “which helps students to reach out for their goals.”

The main objective of the club is to inspire, empower and educate the students to achieve their goals in school, scholarships, and their personal life, Ms. Cange said.

Students will not only have a safe place to express themselves among each other, she said, but will have opportunities to learn from their peers and the world around them through community service and networking events.

“I hope to see the Goal Chasers Club grow as long as I am teaching and even after,” said Ms. Cange.